Grand Bay Water Works Board is a provider of water service to the Grand Bay AL area. Wastewater service is available in a limited area of predominantly commercial customers.  The wastewater service area may be expanded in the future.  Below are the rules and regulations of Grand Bay Water Works Board.


The rates as of 09/1/2023 are as follows:
Water Usage – Residential & Commercial
       0 – 3,000 gallons – $24.00 minimum
       Above 3,000 – gallons $5.00 per 1,000 gallons

Wastewater Usage – Residential
       0 – 3,000 gallons – $36.00 minimum
       above 3,000 gallons – $5.50 per 1,000
*A minimum bill will be charged to all active accounts every month whether there is usage or not.


Deposit (existing meters)

$100.00 (refundable)+ $25.00 service fee (non-refundable)

New Service Connection
3/4 Inch Meter
1 Inch Meters

$800 + $100 Deposit = $900.00
$1,000 + $100 Deposit = $1,100.00

Tampering charge $50.00 minimum + estimated water usage
Broken valve charge $100.00 minimum
Broken lock charge $100.00 minimum
Broken locking device charge $100.00 minimum
Return check charge $35.00 minimum
Penalty fee $35.00 minimum


If there is more than one residence or building to which water is available from a single meter, the account will be charged the corresponding number of minimum bills.  For example, if two residences are receiving water service from one meter, the account will be billed a minimum of $48.00.

Except for fire protection, the water board shall not under any conditions furnish water free of charge to anyone. 


Bills typically arrive in the mail on the 1st day of each month.  They are due by the 10th of each month.  If the 10th falls on a day the office is closed (i.e. weekend, holiday) no late charges will be assessed until a full business day has passed.  The late fee is 10% of the balance outstanding.

Bills that are two months delinquent are assessed a $35.00 penalty fee after the 15th of the second month.  This fee is assessed because of non-payment of the charges for two months.  It is not dependent on whether a customer’s meter has been locked or not.  It will state on your bill that you are delinquent and subject to a $35 penalty fee and/or lock off.  No other notification will be given as it is already printed on your bill. 

Bills may be paid by mail, by placement in the night drop box located in the drive through at the office, online at, or by phone at 866-729-2549.  Payment methods accepted by mail or in the office are cash, check, and money order only.  No credit/ debit cards or e-checks are accepted in the office, but they may be used when paying online or by phone.

If the customer believes his bill to be in error he shall present his claim, in person, at the office before the bill becomes delinquent.  Such claim, if made after the bill has become delinquent, shall not be effective in preventing discontinuance of service heretofore provided.

For current office hours and other contact information please see our Service Page.


The meter and meter box should remain unobstructed and accessible at all times to the meter reader.  Grand Bay Water Works Board reserves the right to terminate the service of customers that refuse access to the meter by placing fences or vegetation that inhibit our ability to access the meter for reading and maintenance. 

The customer shall furnish and maintain a private cut-off valve on the customer’s side of the meter.  Grand Bay Water Works installs a cut-off valve on our side of the meter.

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the office when they vacate a residence.  Failure to request the termination of your service does not relieve you from the responsibility of paying any charges that may be incurred after you leave.  Failure to notify the office when you no longer need the water service allows the next occupant to continue to use the water under your name.  Do not allow this to happen to you!


Service disconnected for non-payment of bills will be restored only after bills are paid in full.  Partial payment of the balance after the meter is locked will not be sufficient for restoration of service. 

The water board reserves the right to permanently refuse service to any consumer who tampers with a meter or other water board property.  We also reserve the right to file legal charges against customers who tamper with, or damage in any way, the property of Grand Bay Water Works Board, which includes  meters and other apparatus installed in the meter box. 

Water Quality Report

Grand Bay Water Works Board provides an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report is designed to inform you about the quality of water service we deliver.
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

If you have questions about the rules & regulations please contact us at 251-865-3390.

In the event of an emergency please call 251-865-3390. 

No account or billing information is available after hours. 

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